A-Z Guide

A - B


Advertising materialRecycling bin
Aerosol canRecycling bin
Aluminium baking trayRecycling bin
Aluminium canRecycling bin
Aluminium foilRecycling bin
AsbestosGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Automotive batteryGregadoo Waste Management Centre


Baby food sachet (squeezy)General waste bin
Batteries (automotive)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Batteries (household)Community Recycling Station
Beer bottleRecycling bin
Beer canRecycling bin
Berry punnetRecycling bin
Blue ray playerGregadoo Waste Management Centre or Kurrajong Recycling
Bones (meat - large)General waste bin
Bones (meat - small)General waste bin
BooksRecycling bin or donate to charity
Bottle (gas)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Bottle (juice)Recycling bin
Bottle (plastic)Recycling bin
Bottle (shampoo/conditioner)Recycling bin
Bottles (glass)Recycling bin
Boxes (cardboard)Recycling bin
Boxes (washing powder)Recycling bin
Boxes (waxed)General waste bin
Branches (large)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Branches (small)Garden waste bin
BreadGeneral waste bin
Bread bagsGeneral waste bin
BrochuresRecycling bin
Bubble wrapGeneral waste bin
Bubble wrap envelopesGeneral waste bin
Butchers paperRecycling bin
Butter containerRecycling bin



CakeGeneral waste bin
Cake trays (plastic)Recycling bin
Camp stove gas bottleGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Can (aerosol)Recycling bin
Can (aluminium)Recycling bin
Can (hair spray)Recycling bin
Can (pet food)Recycling bin
Can (steel)Recycling bin
Can (tin)Recycling bin
Car batteryGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Car partsGregadoo Waste Management Centre
CardboardRecycling bin
Cardboard rollRecycling bin
CardsRecycling bin
CarsGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Carton (juice)Recycling bin
Cartons (egg)Recycling bin
Cartons (long-life)Recycling bin
Cartons (milk)Recycling bin
Cereal boxesRecycling bin
CheeseGeneral waste bin
Chemical drumsPoint of sale
ChemicalsHousehold Chemical Cleanout
Chip packetGeneral waste bin
Chocolate wrapperGeneral waste bin
Citrus fruitGeneral waste bin
Cleaning product bottlesRecycling bin
Cleaning ragsGeneral waste bin
Cling filmGeneral waste bin
Cling wrapGeneral waste bin
Clothing (good condition)Donate to charity
Clothing (poor condition)General waste bin
Compact discGeneral waste bin
Compact disc case (no discs)Recycling bin
ComputersGregadoo Waste Management Centre of Kurrajong Recycling
Conditioner bottleRecycling bin
Construction and demolitionGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Containers (plastic)Recycling bin
CorksGeneral waste bin
Crockery (broken)General waste bin
Cutlery (compostable)General waste bin
Cutlery (metal)General waste bin or donate to charity
Cutlery (plastic)General waste bin

D - E - F


Deli paperRecycling bin
Deodorant (aerosol)Recycling bin
Deodorant (roll on)General waste bin
Deodorant (stick)General waste bin
Detergent BottleRecycling bin
DirtGeneral waste bin
Dog pooGeneral waste bin
Drinking glassesGeneral waste bin
Drums (automotive oil)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Drums (chemical)Point of sale
DVD playerGregadoo Waste Management Centre or Kurrajong Recycling


Egg cartonsRecycling bin
Electrical appliancesGregadoo Waste Management Centre or Kurrajong Recycling
Electronic wasteGregadoo Waste Management Centre or Kurrajong Recycling
Envelopes (bubble wrap)General waste bin
Envelopes (incl. with windows)Recycling bin
Expanded polystyreneGregadoo Waste Management Centre


Fire extinguisherGregadoo Waste Management Centre
FlowersGarden waste bin
Fluororescent tubeHousehold Chemical CleanOut
Foil (aluminium)Recycling bin
Food cansRecycling bin
Food wasteGeneral waste bin
Formula tinsRecycling bin
FreezerGregadoo Waste Management Centre
FridgeGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Fruit scrapsGeneral waste bin
FurnitureGregadoo Waste Management Centre

G - H - I - J - K - L


Gas bottleGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Glass (broken)General waste bin
Glass (drinking)General waste bin
Glass (mirror)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Glass (window)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Glass (windscreen)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Glass bottlesRecycling bin
Glass jarsRecycling bin
Glasses (reading)General waste bin
Globe (fluororescent tube)Household Chemical CleanOut
Globe (light)Community Recycling Station
Glossy paperRecycling bin


Hairspray canRecycling bin
Hard plastic packagingRecycling bin
HosesGeneral waste bin
Household batteryCommunity Recycling Station
Household rubbishGeneral waste bin


Ice cream containerRecycling bin
Ink cartridgesCommunity Recycling Station
Iron (scrap)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre


Jars (glass)Recycling bin
Juice bottleRecycling bin
Juice cartonRecycling bin
Junk mailRecycling bin


KettleKurrajong Recycling
Kitty litterGeneral waste bin


Lawn clippingsGarden waste bin
LeavesGarden waste bin
Light globesCommunity Recycling Station
Lolly bagGeneral waste bin
Lolly wrapperGeneral waste bin
Long-life cartonsRecycling bin

M - N - O


MagazinesRecycling bin
Make up bottlesRecycling bin
Make up jarsRecycling bin
Margarine containerRecycling bin
MattressGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Medicine bottle (glass)Recycling bin
Medicine Bottle (plastic)Recycling bin
MicrowaveKurrajong Recycling
Milk bottle (glass)Recycling bin
Milk bottle (plastic)Recycling bin
Milk cartonRecycling bin
MirrorGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Mobile phonesCommunity Recycling Station
Motor oilGregadoo Waste Management Centre


NappiesGeneral waste bin
NewspaperRecycling bin
Newspaper (shredded)General waste bin


Office paperRecycling bin
Oil (motor)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
OnionGeneral waste bin
OvenwareGeneral waste bin

P - Q - R


PaintsGregadoo Waste Management Centre
PaperRecycling bin
Paper (glossy)Recycling bin
Paper (shredded)General waste bin
Paper (waxed)General waste bin
Paper bagsRecycling bin
Paper PlatesRecycling bin
Paper towelGeneral waste bin
Paper towel rollsRecycling bin
Pet food canRecycling bin
Phone booksRecycling bin
PhotocopierKurrajong Recycling
Pizza boxRecycling bin
Plant pots (small)Recycling bin
Plastic bagsGeneral waste bin
Plastic cutleryGeneral waste bin
Plates (ceramic)General waste bin
Polystyrene (expanded)Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
PostcardsRecycling bin
PrawnsGeneral waste bin
PrinterKurrajong Recycling
PrunningsGarden waste bin
Punnet (berry)Recycling bin
Punnet (tomato)Recycling bin
Puree pouchGeneral waste bin


Reading glassesGeneral waste bin

S - T - U


Scrap ironGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Shampoo bottleRecycling bin
Shopping bagsGeneral waste bin
Shredded paperGeneral waste bin
Shrink wrapGeneral waste bin
Smoke detectorGeneral waste (small quantities)
Soap pump bottleRecycling bin
Soft drink bottleRecycling bin
SoilGeneral waste bin or Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Squeezy puree pouchGeneral waste bin
Squeezy yoghurtGeneral waste bin
Steel Gregadoo Waste Management Centre
Steel canRecycling bin
SyringesSafe Shaps drop off point


Takeaway containers (plastic)Recycling bin
TextilesGeneral waste bin
Tin (Formula)Recycling bin
Tin canRecycling bin
Tin foilRecycling bin
Tissue boxRecycling bin
TissuesGeneral waste bin
ToasterKurrajong Recycling
Toilet paper rollsRecycling bin
Tomato punnetRecycling bin
Toothpaste tubeGeneral waste bin
Tray (biscuit)Recycling bin
Tubs (butter)Recycling bin
Tubs (margarine)Recycling bin
TyresGregadaoo Waste Management Centre

V - W - Y - X - Z


Vegetable punnetRecycling bin
Video playerKurrajong Recycling
Vitamin bottleRecycling bin


Washing machineGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Washing powder boxes Recycling bin
Waxed paperGeneral waste bin
WeedsGarden waste bin
White goodsGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Window glassGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Windscreen glassGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Wine bottlesRecycling bin
WireGregadoo Waste Management Centre
Wrapping paperRecycling bin


YoghurtGeneral waste bin
Yoghurt containerRecycling bin
Yoghurt pouchGeneral waste bin