Collection Schedule

Collections in the Wagga Wagga Local Government Area operate on a fortnightly schedule. The green lid food organics and garden organics bin is emptied weekly. The yellow recycling bin and red lid general waste bin are emptied on alternate weeks.

Steps to determining your collection schedule

1. Locate your hard copy collection calendar, or download it here.

2. Locate the sticker on the side of your kerbside bins. This will tell you the day of the week your bin is emptied as well as what recycling or general waste cycle you are on which will either be a 1 or a 2. (See below)

This collection sticker shows that the collection day is Tuesday, with general waste being collected in week 1 and recycling collected in week 2.

*If your bins don't have this sticker, you can search your property details HERE which will inform you of your bin collection days.*

3. Fill out on your calendar the day of the week of collection.

4. Tick the box for your recycling week. The box will either be beige (week 1) or grey (week 2).

5. Follow the collection calendar for your recycling week. The week that you do not put your recycling bin out, will be the week that you place your general waste bin out.