Recycling FAQ's

How can I get rid of chemicals or unwanted medicines?

Unfortunately, no such wastes are permitted to be disposed of through the kerbside collection bins, or at any of the waste management facilities in the Wagga Wagag local government area. A specialist hazardous chemicals collection is coordinated by the NSW Government in our region every two years. To find out when the next Household Chemical CleanOut will be, head to the NSW EPA's website.

Some pharmacies have a collection point for unwanted medicines. Speak with your pharmacist about medication disposal.

Incorrect disposal of chemicals and medicines either down the drain or sewer harms our environment.

How can I get rid of paint and paint packaging?

Empty paint tins can be placed in the kerbside recycling bin.  Simply remove the lid from the paint tin and allow the paint to dry.  As the paint dries it shrinks.  Remove the dried paint from the tin and place this in the general waste bin.  The empty paint tin and lid can then be placed in the kerbside recycling bin.

A maximum of 100 litres of paint in containers of up to 20 litres can be taken to Gregadoo Waste Mangagement Centre for free under the Paintback program.  For further information on products accepted under the scheme visit the Paintback website.

How do I dispose of gas bottles and fire extinguishers?

Pressure vessels including gas bottles, camping stove gas bottles and fire extinguishers should never be placed in your kerbside bin.  Appropriately dispose of your unwanted pressure vessels through the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.  Please refer to the accepted wastes and fees for current disposal fees for these items.

Please inform weighbridge staff if you have pressure vessels as part of your load so that you can be directed to the special waste drop off area at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

I need to get rid of old tyres. Where do I take them?

Tyres are collected as a specialist waste at Gregadoo Waste management Centre.  Tyres cannot be landfilled and are taken away by a contractor for recycling.

Smaller tyres still on rims are accepted at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

What are the charges at the waste management facilities?

Current fees and charges can be located under the Accepted waste and fees page.

What are the operating times of the tip?

Gregadoo Waste Management Centre is open seven days a week, 7am to 4.30pm. Gregadoo Waste Management Centre is not open on selected public holidays, with additional closures possible during the Christmas and New Year period.  Please refer to Councils closure advertisements for further information.

What happens to refrigeration and air conditioning equipment?

When disposing of a fridge, freezer or air conditioning unit it is important that the item is degassed to prevent harmful gases such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) being released into the environment.  Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is degassed on site at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre where the gas is captured and sent away for reprocessing and re-use.

What happens to styrene and polystyrene?

Styrene and polystyrene products are recyclable, but cannot be placed in your kerbside recycling bin.  This type pf product has traditionally not been economical to recycle due to the product being bulky but light, and therefore expensive to transport to a recycling facility.  Gregadoo Waste Management Centre invested in a densifier which essentially melts the styrene down into smaller, compressed blocks making it easier and more economically viable to transport for recycling.  Styrene and polystyrene can be dropped off at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre for free.

How are mattresses recycled?

Up to 75% of a mattress can be recycled. Mattresses collected at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre are transported to a facility in Canberra where the mattresses are stripped down into their individual components.  The steel springs are recycled into roof sheeting, the foam is used in carpet underlay and the timber and husk is used for mulch, weed matting and animal bedding.