Commercial waste service

The commercial and industrial sector generate around one third of all waste sent to landfill.

The range of businesses in Wagga Wagga are varied, however waste audits indicated there are opportunities overall to divert waste
generated in the commercial sector away from landfill.

The NSW Government has set targets for waste through the NSW Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014-2021. By 2020, the aim is to achieve a recovery rate of 70 per cent, which means that by 2020 70 per cent of waste generated through commercial and industrial operations will be recycled or recovered for reuse. Currently the recovery rate in Wagga Wagga is around 40 per cent which demonstrates there is a need to improve recycling in the local commercial sector.

The standard commercial waste service consists of the following bin configuration:

  • 1x 240L commercial general waste bin – fortnightly collection; and
  • 1x 240L commercial recycling bin – fortnightly collection

Depending on the needs of your business, you may wish to opt in to additional services. Options include:

  • Food organics and garden organics (FOGO) – weekly collection
  • General waste – additional fortnightly collection
  • Recycling – additional fortnightly collection
  • Upsize to 360 litre recycling – fortnightly collection

Please contact Council's customer service team on 1300 292 442 to discuss additional service options.

Support for businesses

Understanding waste in your business

Business Recycling by Planet Ark assists business to find how they can dispose of their recyclable waste responsibly and provides hints and tips on improving business waste management.

The NSW EPA has developed a series of industry specific fact sheets to assist business owners with better waste management including advice around waste avoidance and reduction, re-use and recycling.  Fact sheets are available for the following industries:


Business parks

Cafes and restaurants


Commercial offices

Preschools and Childcare Centres

Pubs and bars


Specialised food stores


Takeaway food shops

Timber and furniture industry

Waste auditing

Businesses looking for opportunities and assistance for better waste management can register their interest in the NSW EPA's BinTrim program.  BinTrim is designed to assist small to medium sized businesses to assess their waste management practices and identify opportunities for improvement. Participating businesses may even be eligible for rebates of between $1000 and $50,000 for the cost of recycling equipment.  Head to the BinTrim webiste for further information.

Promoting recycling

Is your business in the business of recycling? If there is a waste you take, then we would love to know. Help us build our local directory of waste disposal and recycling options to help fellow businesses. To get your business added email with the details.