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Green Bin - Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO)

What goes in the green binWhat does not go in the green bin
all food waste and scrapsplastic bags
meat, bones, seafood, prawn shellsfood packaging
fruit and vegetable peelsanimal waste or kitty litter
breadlarge branches
tea bags and coffee groundsnappies
eggs and dairyrecyclable items
shredded paper, paper towel, newspaper and serviettespolystyrene
grass clippings, flowers and pruning (maximum 10 cm diameter)dirt/soil
leavesbuilding waste
small sticksplastic pots

Tips for using your Green Bin:

  • To avoid smells, use the supplied compostable liner to store meat scraps and prawn heads in the freezer, then simply add this to your green lid bin when you place your bins out on the kerb for collection.
  • Keep your green lid bin a shaded position if possible

Yellow Bin - Recycling

What goes in the yellow binWhat does not go in the yellow bin
hard plastics: cleaning product bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo/conditioner bottles, berry punnets, biscuit trays, cake trays (plastic), bottles (e.g. milk, cordial, juice, soft drink), ice cream containers, margarine containers, plastic crockery (eg. disposable plates), takeaway food containers, yoghurt containers, plant pots (small), compact disc case (no discs), hard plastic packagingsoft plastics: plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags, bubble wrap
cardboard: cereal boxes, packing boxes, egg cartons, pizza boxes, toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, long life cartonsshredded paper and coffee cups
paper: magazines, newspaper, office paper, paper bags, envelopes (including those with windows), phone books, paper plates (clean), wrapping paperdrinking glasses or crockery
glass: bottles and jarsnappies
Aluminium: aluminium baking trays, cake trays, drink cans, foil (clean and rolled/scrunched into a loose ball)hoses
Metal: food cans, pet food cans, aerosol spray cans (e.g. deodorant, hair spray, air freshener), aerosol cans (cooking/baking spray, whipped cream), cooking oil tins (up to 5 litres), formula tinssyringes and medical waste

Tips for using your yellow bin

  • Place recyclables loose in your recycling bin
  • Give jars and bottles a quick rinse before placing them in the recycling bin
  • Flatten boxes and bottles to maximise space in your yellow bin

Red Bin - General Waste

What goes in the red binWhat does not go in the red bin
soft plastics: plastic wrap, plastic shopping bags, bubble wrapfood waste
nappiesgarden waste
hosesitems that can be recycled
animal waste and kitty litterhazardous materials eg. asbestos
takeaway coffee cupsbatteries, light globes, mobile phones
drinking glasses or crockery 

Tips for using your red bin:

  • Keep your red bin a shaded position if possible to avoid smells
  • Read our tips for managing nappies